506(c) PPM Equity Corp

This sample private placement memorandum 506(c) Regulation D equity offering with 2 classes of common shares is an actual offering document used to raise $4 million in exchange for Class ‘A’ common shares at $5,000 per unit.

Simply change the names, insert your business plan (includes this companies plan for ideas) and have your legal counsel review the document. This document also includes the Investor Questionnaire and Subscription Agreement.

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506(c) Highlights:
  • Regulation Rule 506(c)
  • Can be used in all U.S. States
  • General Advertising & Solicitation – (ie. Crowd Funding)
  • Accredited Investors only with financial statement
  • Raise any amount of capital
  • Form D Filing prior to receiving first investment
  • Used by LLCs, LPs, S Corps, C Corps, Hedge Funds, Real Estate Funds, Private Equity
  • Corporate By-laws (Word-22 pages)
  • PPM template (Word-44 pages)
  • Investor questionnaire (Word)
  • Subscription Agreement (Word)
  • US state legends (51 states)
  • Accredited Investor Representation Letter
  • Write a business plan template
  • Basic financial projections (excel)
  • PPM distribution list (excel)
  • Use of proceeds & ownership (excel)
  • AML/Patriot Act Certification Letter (Word/Pdf)
  • Sample SEC Form D
  • Sample Form U-2 Securities Registration Form

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