506(c) PPM Equity LLC

This sample private placement memorandum 506(c) Regulation D equity offering with 2 classes of membership shares is an actual offering document used to raise $4 million in exchange for Class ‘A’ membership interests at $5,000 per unit.

Simply change the names, insert your business plan (includes this companies plan for ideas) and have your legal counsel review the document – this will save you thousands $$. This document also includes the Investor Questionnaire and Subscription Agreement.

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506(c) Highlights:
  • Regulation Rule 506(c)
  • Can be used in all U.S. States
  • General Advertising & Solicitation – (ie. Crowd Funding)
  • Accredited Investors only with financial statement
  • Raise any amount of capital
  • Form D Filing prior to receiving first investment
  • Used by LLCs, LPs, S Corps, C Corps, Hedge Funds, Real Estate Funds, Private Equity
  • Operating agreement (Word-19 pages)
  • PPM template (Word-43 pages)
  • Investor questionnaire (Word)
  • Subscription Agreement (Word)
  • US state legends (51 states)
  • Accredited Investor Representation Letter
  • Write a business plan template
  • Basic financial projections (excel)
  • PPM distribution list (excel)
  • Use of proceeds & ownership (excel)
  • AML/Patriot Act Certification Letter (Word/Pdf)
  • Sample SEC Form D
  • Sample Form U-2 Securities Registration Form

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